Throughout my life I have nurtured and enjoyed fluid transformations and free association. My mind can travel from a small blade of grass to a far away galaxy in a matter of seconds and, as such, the whole universe becomes my plaything.

I love to explore, ask questions and look for humor at every opportunity. I relish finding anything that is odd or amusing: fungi that grows on the side of a tree like a rounded shelf (flying saucer?), pea pods with perfect little zippers, reeds that grow in removable sections with absolute precision, the myriad layers of thinner-than-skin birch bark.

As a children’s art teacher, I taught curiosity, resourcefulness and experimentation. Over a span of thirty years, we built huge recycled cities, ancient civilizations and whole planets complete with alien populations, food sources, dwellings and energy systems. Ultimately we learned how to inhabit our own creations.

As an artist, I want to share some of my curiosities. I want my artwork to challenge the viewer with different perspectives on the scheme of things, and I want the viewer to consider– why not?