Cathy Ciardiello's "Crests and Troughs"
Gigi Genovese's "Contemplation"
Sergey Stepanenko's "Homage to George Barbier"
Cathy Ciardiello's "Luxembourg Gardens"
BL Taylor's "Cross Country"
Cathy Ciardiello's "Window Seats, Latin Quarter"
Cathy Ciardiello's "Peleton Men"
Lee Bardenheur's "Pickers"
Donna Favreau's "Purple Umbrella"
Bob Dietz's "Together at Meigs Point"
Rachel Carlson's "Lenore of Nevermore"
Linda DeStefanis's "Enchanted Evening"
BL Taylor's "Great Expectations"
Linda Boisvert-DeStefanis's "Anticipation"
B.L. Taylor's "Misty Morning"
Donna Dubreuil Favreau's "Mountain of Sand"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Sea Breeze"
Betty Taylor's "Woman of Fashion in Paris"
Donna Dubreuil Favreau's "The Kayaker"
BL Taylor's "Greenhouse Flowers"
BL Taylor's "Bathing Beauty"
B.L. Taylor's "Orange Umbrellas"
Betty Taylor's "Timeless Moments"
Betty Taylor's "Can You Hear the Music?"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Polish Strength"
B. L. Taylor's "Choices at the Market"
BL Taylor's "Fishermen at the Quay"
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