How to Show Your Work at Maple & Main

Begun as a co-op, Maple and Main is now an incorporated, for-profit business albeit it still runs to a great extent on the co-op concept. 

Through extensive marketing, Maple and Main attracts collectors throughout the tri-state area and local communities. Our gallery strives to be as all-encompassing as possible with as wide a selection of mediums and styles. We welcome artists who add a new dimension.

We admit new artists before each of our five shows a year. You can exhibit, in each show, four medium to large pieces of your choice as well as four or more small ones; we also have bins for up to four unframed, matted, original pieces on paper andother opportunities.

We are a for-profit corporation but partially operates as a co-op. Core artists pay $110 a month with a 25 percent commission for non-shareholders and 20 percent for shareholders.

Guest artists pay per piece per show with a 35 percent commission. The cost is usually $50 for one painting or sculpture or for two if they are small. Guest artists can also show up to four unframed paintings on paper at no additional cost.

We have a gallery director, an e-commerce site that allows you to offer many pieces beyond what might be in the gallery, and we will ship the art. We send e-mail blasts to about 6800 people twice a month or more; 1000 plus postcards to openings; market heavily and offer quite a few benefits to our artists.  Chester is supportive of the arts and has town-wide strolls, openings, Always on Sunday, First Friday and various other special events. 

There are other chances to exhibit in shows within shows as well as a weekly "Focus on the Artist" that allows you to exhibit eight or so pieces.  

If you would like to meet or if you have questions, please email Claudia Van Nes at or 860-526-3459.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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