Jean Watson's "Autumn Day"
Bob Dietz's "Almost Home"
Barbara Rossitto's "Granby Farm"
Linda Lilling's "Early Afternoon"
Janine Robertson's "Along the Path"
Bob Dietz's "Winter's Beauty"
JC Spock's "Autumn Barn"
Jean Watson's "A Walk in the Woods II"
JC Spock's "Barn in Solitude"
Janine Robertson's "Night Light"
Dan Nichols's "Spring Stream"
Dian Kingsbury's "Golden Summer"
JC Spock's "Near Harvest"
Bob Dietz's "Cold Winter Morning"
Peter Barrett's "Farmer's View"
Dian Kingsbury's "Apple Tree and Barn"
Jean Watson's "Painted Sky"
Pam Carlson's "Twilight"
Claudia Van Nes's "Queen Anne's Lace and Tansy"
Bob Dietz's "Winter Sunset"
Bob Dietz's "Midday Walk"
Pam Carlson's "Autumn Colors"
Gigi Genovese's "Golden Harvest"
Dan Nichols's "Distant Thunder"
Jean Watson's "Autumn Pond"
Linda Lilling's "Autumn Sky'
Janine Robertson's "Sunlit Trees on the Riverbank"
Elba Borges "Pink Mist"
Pam Carlson's "Touch of Autumn"
Claudia Van Nes's "Down the River"
Linda Lilling's "Golden Lgiht"
Linda Lilling's "Morning Light"
Pam Carlson's "The Trail"
Linda Lilling's "Evening II"
Linda Lilling's "Afternoon Shadows"
Elba Borges "Moonstruck"
Ishita Bandyo's "Branford Shoreline I"
Linda Lilling's "Path Towards the River"
Linda Lilling's "Capturing the Light"
Janine Robertson's "Valley View"
Linda Lilling's "Autumn Reflections"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Stroll in the Park" (oil)
Linda Marino's "East Rock at Noon"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Litchfield Hills 2"
Elba Borges "Glowing Sunset"
Elba Borges's "Crater Lake, Italy"
Elba Borges's "Alone I"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Fields of Yellow"
Donna Dubreuil Favreau's "Wooded Stream"
Elba Borges's "Quiet Day"
Barbara Rossitto's "Simplicity Vineyard Scene"
Dan Nichols's "Old Stone Wall"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Woodland Path"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Golden Touch"
Janine Robertson's "Late Day Drama"
Faye Mylen's "The Old Stone Wall"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "The Bayville Bridge Two Weeks After Hurricane Sandy"
Claudia Van Nes' "Crossing Parkers Point"
Janine Robertson's "Farm View Revisited"
Linda Lilling "Afternoon"
Donna Dubreiul Favreau's "Autumn at Mintz's Farm"
Barbara Rossitto's "Spring Across Mitchell's Pond"
Janine Robertson's "Overlook"
Cindy Stevens' "House on the Meadow"
Claudia Van Nes' "Wish I Was Here"
Rosemary Contnoir's "Landscape with Five Trees"
Carlson. P.  Autumn colors.  Acrylic.  24x24 unframed.  25x25 framed.  425.00.jpg
Barbara Rossitto's "Overlooking Lake Sunapee"
Barbara Rossitto's "Glastonbury Barn"
Linda Lilling "Winter Hillside"
Donna Dubreiul Favreau's "Approaching Storm"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis's "Red Tree on Pond"
Sunlit Patch
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