Donna Favreau's "Holiday Finest"
Jean Watson's "Reflections"
JC Spock's "With the Sails I"
Peter Barrett's "Idle Fun"
Jean Watson's "Moon Reflections II"
Gigi Genovese's "Sails in the Sunset"
Gigi Genovese's "Narragansett Inn Block Island"
Sails in the Mist
JC Spock's "Bug Light"
Elizabeth B. Wright's "Gulf Beach"
Barbara Rossitto's "Resting in Rockport"
Donna Favreau's "Hidden Marina"
Peter Barrett's "Safe Harbor"
Gigi Genovese's "Day's End"
Cindy Stevens's "Lobster Pots"
Bob Dietz's "Fresh Coat of Paint"
Gigi Genovese's "Before the Storm"
Gigi Genovese's "Dawn"
Bob Dietz's "Solitude"
Cathy Ciardiello's "Little Tug"
Bob Dietz's "Waiting for the Fog to Lift"
Donna Favreau's "Fire Sky"
Gigi Genovese's "Still Waters"
Linda DeStefanis's "Life is a Beach and a Boat"
Gigi Genovese's "Crimson Illusions"
Betty Taylor's "Buoy's at Rest"
Donna Dubreuil Favreau's "Sorrento Fan Boats"
Betty Taylor's "After the Storm"
Gigi Genovese's "Seafarers Trophy"
Peter Barrett's "Boothbay Scene"
Peter Barrett "Fog Burnning Off on a Great Day!"
Donna Dubreuil Favreau's "Rowboats"
Donna Dubreiul Favreau's "Taking on Provisions"
Betty Taylor's "Moorings"
Peter Barrett's "Dories at Dusk"
Peter Barrett's "Boat Lighthouse"
Betty Taylor's "Bringing in the Boats"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Sunset Riders"
Barbara Rossitto's "Schooner in the Harbor"
Barbara Rossitto's "Boats at Rest"
Donna Dubreuil Favreau's "Gay Head Light"
Donna Dubreiul Favreau's "Beach Roses"
Donna Dubreuil Favreau's "No Wake"
Barbara Rossitto's "Sunny Day, Norwich Marina"
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