Absence of Being

Absence of Being 40x16 copy.jpg
Absence of Being 40x16 copy.jpg
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Absence of Being


Rachel Carlson

Oil on canvas

40 x 16 in


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Winner for Best in Painting, Oil or Acrylic at the 71st Annual Connecticut Artist Exhibition.

This was my dining room table in my childhood home--which I came back to after graduating from college. My ideas of this home change upon returning. Though it still was my home, it was not "home." I felt like more of a burden to my parents and a stranger to a house I hadn't really lived in for four years. 

Thus the chairs are empty with only one place setting (on the right) containing remnants of a person that was once there. It seems deserted and haunting of a past time. I also purposefully chose the vantage point which would closely resemble that of a child. Thus making it seem like the viewer is the vulnerable and naive child.