Peter Barrett's "Early Morning Fog"
Cathy Ciardiello's "Beach Day"
Barbara Rossitto's "End of a Perfect Day"
Patricia Seekamp's "Seaside Breeze"
Bob Dietz's "Hammonasset Vista"
Patricia Seekamp's "The Black Boat"
Donna Favreau's "Stormy Skies"
Patricia Seekamp's "Seaside Blooms"
Ebbing Orange
Peter Barrett's "North Cove Essex"
Cindy Steven's "Quiet Moment at Lobster's Cove"
Pam Carlson's "Awakening"
Claudia Van Nes's "Under the Dock"
Peter Barrett's "Convergence"
Claudia Van Nes's "BVIs"
Elba Borges "Dawn on the Shores of Rhode Island"
Linda DeStefanis's "Crashing"
Janine Robertson's "Coastal View, Early Light"
Cindy Steven's "Tranquility"
Pam Carlson's "Beach Waves"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Harbor Breezes"
B. Rossitto's "Bass Rocks"
Donna Dubreuil Favreau's "End of Summer"
Elba Borges's "No Entry"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Sea Breeze"
Jean Watson's "Shore Path"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Gloucester Coast"
Peter Barrett's "Rolling In (Block Island)"
Gray Jacobik's "Where the Laughing Gull Swoops"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Breath of Ocean"
Linda Lilling's "Afternoon at Hammonasset"
Linda Lilling's "Morning Light"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis's "Distant Darkness"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Ah, Life on the Beach (pastel)"
Gray Jacobik's "Storms Come & Storms Go"
Peter Barrett's "Before the Storm"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Thawing Under Gold"
Janine Robertson's "Tide Rolling In"
Gray Jacobik's "Wave Upon Wave Upon Wave"
Faye Mylen's "Salt in the Air"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Frozen Nightfall"
Gray Jacobik's "Where the Wild Waves Reign"
Cindy Stevens' "Rocks and Green Seaweed"
Claudia Van Nes' "To the Sound"
Gray Jacobik's "Wave is a Gayety Flashing"
Janine Robertson's "Coastal Fog"
Peter Barrett's "Summer Storm"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Ah, Life on the Beach"
Gray Jacobik's "Crimson Tide"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Rolling Tide"
Hidden Cove
Peter Barrett's "Nor'Easter"
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