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About the Gallery


Maple and Main Gallery, in business for eight years in the center of the much-visited riverside town of Chester, is committed to showing only original art in a wide range of styles and medium. The gallery, a for-profit corporation, operates with a board of directors and a salaried gallery director. Although we rely on our artist members to support the gallery either by paying a monthly rent or paying per-piece-per-show, we guarantee no jurying process once you become a gallery artist and a low commission structure.

We have an e-commerce site that offers our artists to show many pieces beyond what might be in the gallery, and we will ship the sold art. We send e-mail blasts to about 7300 people twice a month or more; 1000 plus postcards to openings; market heavily and offer quite a few benefits to our artists.

The town of Chester is supportive of the arts and has town-wide strolls, openings, Always on Sunday, First Fridays, May Daze and Come Home to Chester. Also: Holiday Night, a popular farmers’ market in the town center five months a year, a holiday market four Sundays before Christmas as well as various other special events.


Opportunities to Show Your Work


***Now accepting artists for our Spring Show which opens on April 4, 2018*** Perspective artists are welcome to interview anytime for this show. There is also a popular show of 8x8 paintings by Spring artists during May in the Stone Gallery and opportunities to participate in outdoor shows in our tent and on the porch on weekends in June.

As an artist of the gallery, Maple and Main offers many different opportunities to display your work either as a core member or guest artist. We also have our Stone Gallery downstairs we rent out to artists on a monthly basis.

  • Core artists pay a $110 monthly rent with a 25 percent commission for non-shareholders and 20 percent for shareholders. Core artists have a considerably larger presence in the gallery, allowing potential buyers to compare pieces and to view additional work on the website. Core artists can exhibit, in each show, four medium to large pieces of your choice as well as four small ones; we also have bins for up to four unframed, matted pieces on paper. Core artists have individual pages on our website where they can exhibit for sale any number of paintings, can participate in our ‘focus on the artist” initiative and have a portfolio book on display.
  • Guest artists pay per piece for the duration of each 2.5 month-long show with a 35 percent commission. The cost is between $50 and $65 depending on sizes of the work. Guest artists can also show up to four unframed paintings on paper at no extra cost.
  • The Stone Gallery can be rented out monthly for a solo or group show to any artist(s) regardless of their affiliation to Maple and Main. The fee is $300 for the month with a 30 percent commission. The gallery will provide publicity, tables etc. for your opening (gallery director will be present to assist and handle sales etc.). We will also send postcard invitations (with stamps you provide) to our collector list.

Artists who want to be considered for representation  should contact our gallery chair, Claudia Van Nes at 860-526-3459 or and/or fill out the form below for further information.

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