Janine Robertson's "Drift"
Pam Carlson's "Summer Warmth"
Bob Dietz's "Silver Lining"
Linda Lilling's "Last Glow"
Pam Carlson's "A Place of Peace"
Ishita Bandyo's "Spring Chaos"
Janine Robertson's "Boundless"
Linda Lilling's "Twilight"
Barbara Rossitto's "Spectacular Sunset"
Janine Robertson's "Blue Drift"
Linda Lilling's "The Golden Hour"
Bob Dietz's "End of Day"
Linda Lilling's "Chasing the Light"
Bob Dietz's "Thunderstorm Building"
Peter Barrett's "Waking Up the Fleet"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis's "Dynamic Final"
Janine Robertson's "Blue Expanse Study"
Barbara Rossitto's "New London Bay Sunset"
Linda Boisvert-DeStefanis's "View from the Porch"
Bob Dietz's "Cape Cod Dreaming"
Bob Dietz's "Summer Winds"
Cindy Steven's "Dawn of a New Day"
Pam Carlson's "From Above"
Patricia Seekamp's "Drifting Along"
Bob Dietz "New Haven Skyline at Night"
Barbara Rossitto's "Grande Finale"
Barbara Rossitto's "Thunderhead Over New London"
Linda Lilling's "Evening Reflections"
Linda Lilling's "Windswept"
Pam Carlson's "Day of Promise"
Linda DeStefanis's "Orange Haze"
Kim Petersen's "Meditation Spot"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis's "A Golden Moment"
Linda Lilling's "Light and Shadow"
Pam Carlson's "Feeling the Warmth"
Janine Robertson's "Luminous Evening"
Linda Lilling's "Sunset on the CT River"
Pam Carlson's "Dawn Breaking"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis's "Sharing the View"
Kim Petersen's "Shoreline View"
Linda Lilling's "Evening Highlights"
Linda DeStefanis's "Brilliant Ending"
Pam Carlson's "Promise of Warmth"
Linda DeStefanis's "Sky Fire"
Bob Dietz's "Crossing the Sound'
Donna Favreau's "Powder Ridge Sunset"
Linda DeStefanis's "Mandarin Sunset"
Bob Dietz's "Tuxis Island"
Janine Robertson's "Meandering II"
Pam Carlson's "Griswold Point"
Bob Dietz's "Together at Meigs Point"
Linda DeStefanis's "Mandarin Sky II"
Linda Lilling "Clouds Over Meadow"
Rosanne Stavola's "Claudia's View"
Janine Robertson's "Clouds Rolling In"
Pam Carlson's "Mother Nature's Paintbrush"
Janine Robertson's "Ode to Blue"
Bob Dietz's "Dusk Over the Marsh"
B. Rossitto's "Clouds"
Janine Robertson's "Evening Clouds"
Pam Carlson's "Griswold Point"
Brilliant Finale
Janine Robertson's "Cloud Nine"
Pam Carlson's "River Run"
B. Rossitto's "Schooner New London"
Linda Lilling's "Afternoon on Falls River"
Claudia Van Nes's "Fireworks I"
Claudia Van Nes's "Fireworks II"
Linda DeStefanis's "Sky Fire II"
Linda Lilling's "Evening Colors"
Claudia Van Nes's "Fireworks III"
Bob Dietz's "Night Lights"
Linda Boisvert-DeStefanis's "A Golden Moment"
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