Dian Kingsbury's "Quiet Hour"
Lee Bardenheur's "Still Life #103"
Dian Kingsbury's "Jug, Bottle, & Pumpkin"
Lee Bardenheur's "Pears"
Jean Watson's "Still Life with Oranges"
Ishita Bandyo's "Tulip"
Lee Bardenheur's "Oranges"
Lee Bardenheur's "Abundance"
Lee Bardenheur's "Food for Thought"
Arlene Beebe's "Atrium"
Lee Bardenheur's "Blue Saucer"
Lee Bardenheur's "Desk Top"
Jean Watson's "Pomegranates"
Linda Lilling's "Hydrangeas"
Gray Jacobik's "Supermarket Roses & Sarah's Persian Rug"
Rachel Carlson's "Behind the Mirror"
Elba Borges's "Looking In"
Gray Jacobik's "Constant Comment"
Gray Jacobik's "Peonies, Teacup, Fan & Chinese Vase"
Elba Borges "Blue Bowl with Tropical Sweet Limes"
Gray Jacobik's "The Evening After the Morning Before"
Gray Jacobik's "Plumb & Squat & Green Cup"
Gray Jacobik's "Orange Roses & Orange Oranges"
Gray Jacobik's "Roses Are Red, Teapots Are Turquoise"
Dan Nichols's "Daffodils and Such"
Gray Jacobik's "Tea Roses"
Claudia Van Nes's "4 Pears"
Gray Jacobik's "Red Tulips in a Red Tulip Pitcher"
Gray Jacobik's "Three Blues & Two Pink Roses"
Claudia Van Nes's "4 Heirloom Tomatoes"
Gray Jacobik's "June's Best Bounty"
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis' "Sun Bathing"
Barbara Rossitto's "Dancing Shoes"
Claudia Van Nes's "Not Far From the Tree"
Gray Jacobik's "Tea & Crabapple Blooms"
Gray Jacobik's "A Spill of Mock Orange"
Gray Jacobik's "Roses, Not Fully Arranged"
Gray Jacobik's "Two Roses, White Teapot & Maroon Ginger Jar"
Gray Jacobik's "Fifth Rose Just Fell Apart"
Gray Jacobik's "Painted Roses, Real Peonies"
You Can't Keep a Good Turnip Down
Lee Bardenheur
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