Earth and Air

August 2- 30, 2017

Earth and Air,” a show featuring the wildlife paintings of Mike DiGiorgio and the ceramic art of Betsy Himmelman opens Wednesday, Aug. 2 in the Stone Gallery.

Betsy Himmelman of Killingworth creates her unique ceramic pieces using smoke and other alternative firing processes to infuse into her work fire, smoke, and local flora which play a very important role in each piece. She sees herself as a collaborator with nature; each creation is an acknowledgement of the important role it plays. With so many variables, every firing is an exciting mystery.
Michael DiGiorgio’s artwork is created primarily as a visual record of past experiences he’s had while observing birds. An advocate of rendering subjects from life not photographs, DiGiorgio is interested in both accuracy and capturing the moment of discovery. With his interpretations of bird images, he demonstrates how art can communicate the love of subject.

“Earth and Air” runs through the month of August.